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Owner Amanda Buhrman

Image credit: Milwaukee Journal

Sweetly Baked was born out of a passion for baking, managing anxiety, and a love for science. During lockdown in 2020, as a way to manage anxiety owner Amanda Buhrman, started exploring and researching infusion baking with different types of CBD and Hemp.

Already an avid hobby baker, Amanda also found a deep interest for for the infusion process and wanted to turn this passion project into a career. And so, Sweetly Baked was born into a small-batch CBD bakery. 

Our goal is to provide a delicious and unique experience for consuming CBD and  provide products that have high quality ingredients.

All of our products are locally made in small batches in Downtown Milwaukee. Each batch is made with locally sourced hemp-derived CBD and Delta 8. We do not carry a THC level greater than 0.3%. 


All of our products are consumed at your own risk. Although we follow all state guidelines for infusing already processed hemp derived CBD and Delta 8, it is recommended that you consult a physician before consuming any hemp based products from any source. 

In The Media

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Milwaukee's first high-end CBD bakery opens

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